Marine Insurance

We created India’s first ever Marine Sales Turnover policy and on continuous basis work on providing correct marine insurance solutions to our customers.

Top Notch Marine
Solutions for your Business

First Policy customizes marine insurance plan depending on the client’s business. The global maritime industry is experiences extensive changes in their business due to the ever-increasing values at risk, increased litigation and technology advancement. We help clients to understand these risks & create an innovative, yet cost-efficient solution.
We are consultants with expertise and in-depth knowledge of the marine industry.

Customized Marine Insurance

Tailored marine insurance plans address unique business requirements and risks. We understand the risks understand the risks plus create and form an innovative, yet cost-efficient solution.


Our marine experts serve as an extension of client’s management team. We work with clients to develop a comprehensive service strategy. As marine insurance professionals, we are consultants with expertise and in-depth knowledge of the marine industry.

Competitive Pricing

Our specialized insurance programs are designed to meet the unique needs of the marine industry and include tailored comprehensive coverage at competitive pricing.

Type of Marine Insurances handled by us

Hull Insurance

This type of insurance covers the physical damage or loss to the vessel itself.

Protection and Indemnity Insurance

Liability insurance that covers the legal liabilities of shipowners, operators, and other parties involved in maritime activities.

Builder's Risk Insurance

Builder's risk insurance covers the risks associated with the construction or repair of vessels.

War Risk Insurance

Provides coverage for losses or damages to vessels and cargo resulting from war-related perils. It includes risks such as war, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, confiscation, or hijacking.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides coverage for the goods being transported It protects against losses or damages to the cargo during transit, including risks such as theft, damage, or loss due to accidents, natural disasters, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Freight Insurance

Freight insurance covers the loss of freight revenue due to specified perils that prevent the delivery of cargo, such as damage or loss during transit. It provides financial protection for the anticipated revenue from the shipment.

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