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Customized Employee Benefits and Group Health Insurance Solution

We help you build a happier workplace and retain your workforce with customized employee benefits and wellness services

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First Policy is a part of UNISONSTEADFAST

Brokers having full access to the UnisonSteadfast Brokers Network with:

Insurance solutions with cutting-edge technology

We provide complete administration and high-quality support services to your HR department, ensuring you get the most appropriate insurance solutions at the most optimum cost.

Our Wellness Platform provides your employees with benefits like:
Our core services include:
Key products handled by the vertical include:
Customers leveraging First Policy have seen these results

We provide the full spectrum of Employee Benefits services to employer groups of all sizes. We aim to provide the best possible services to all our client organizations. We understand each employer is different, and we believe in designing the perfect solution for each employer.

We understand our client’s requirement is the focal point of our business. First Policy provides complete administration and high-quality support services to your human resource department. 

Who We Are

First Policy has the distinction of being one among the first batch of 11 insurance broking companies in India.
Core team of FP comprises of senior Insurance Professionals, Experienced Finance & Legal Professionals, Engineers
Handling large Indian multi nationals, several of whom are global leaders.
State-of-the-art IT system
With more than a decade of experience in development of insurance programs, First Policy understands the complex and dynamic risks being faced by businesses today. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to develop customized risk management programs designed to “maximize coverage while minimizing risk”.

Clients Tell The Story

First Policy's seasoned insurance experts are focused on ensuring a stress-free experience for clients seeking reimbursements.
Mr. Siva Sankar,
I would like to thank First Policy for their support and cooperation for making my experience smooth and hassle-free. I am handling the medi-claim process of my organization.
Yogesh S Patanwadiya
I am grateful for First Policy and their support during the hospitalization and approval process. Indeed you have been the epitome of service in a true sense.
Abhinav Gaurav
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To give your employees incredible benefits, at no added cost as a part of your insurance policy.